Surfing in Japan! Top 10 Hot Spots You Must Know!


by Soichi and Ken

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I’m traveling to Japan this time, but instead of sightseeing, I want to do some different activities and things. Do you have any suggestions about what to do in Japan?
Hmm…How does surfing sound? In Japan, there are several surf spots that host the world surf tournaments where you can visit. These surf spots have produced local professional surfers who are active on the world stage!
Miso Dog
Wow! I didn’t know that! That sounds exciting! Surfing in Japan sounds pretty fun!
If you do decide to go to the beach, carrying a surfboard with you to Japan is difficult right? Let me tell you 10 great surf spots in Japan that also have shops where you can rent surfboards nearby.

Okinawa - Komesu Kaigan

Source: Youtube, JUN Drone

General Information

Komesu Kaigan is a beach located in Itoman City in the southernmost tip of the main island of Okinawa. This beach is great for both beginners and advanced surfers. One great point about this beach is that beachgoers can enjoy surfing all year round at this surf spot. 

 From the east to the west along the coastline, are numerous surf points and waves to enjoy.  Just a short walk from prefectural main road is an area known as the “main point.” There are several breaking points along the entire shoreline, so surfers are spread out along the shoreline, not gathered in one place. Enjoy the beach and surf at your own comfortable pace. 

How To Get There

Traveling by car, you can reach Komesu Beach from Naha Airport in about 30 minutes. You can also take the bus from the airport to Komesu Beach, which takes about 1 hour. 

Surfboard Rental

Located relatively close to Komesu BeachPadopad Okinawa is a famous surf shop in Okinawa. Boards can be rented for 5000 JPY a day here. If you’re in the area and looking for a surfboard, drop on by here!

Webpage of padopado okinawa

Source: just do it .com


Miyazaki - Okuragahama

Source: Youtube, OMORO TV

General Information

Miyazaki Prefecture is home to several international surfing competitions. Famous for its constant high-quality waves, we will introduce you to the surfing point “Okuragahama.” Okuragahama is known for being popular among beginner surfers, to advanced surfers. A wide sandy beach with a depth of about 230 meters, extends for 4 km from the North to the South. With such a vast area to explore, you can take your time and enjoy the waves on this relaxing beach. 

How To Get There

To get to Miyazaki Prefecture from Tokyo, traveling by air is the most convenient. Departing from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Miyazaki Airport takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. From Miyazaki Airport, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Okuragahama by train. With a great beach and top-notch waves, a trip to Okuragaham would make for a perfect weekend trip.

Surfboard Rental

Dear Surf is a famous surf shop in Miyazaki, where you can rent surfboards for 5000 JPY a day. If you are planning on visiting Okuragaham, be sure to check Dear Surf before heading to the beach.  

Webpage of Dear Surf

Source: Dear Surf


Source: Youtube, 大沼和也

General Information

Located 160 km south of Tokyo, the Izu Islands are home to Japan’s surf island, Niijima. Once boasted for its quality of waves, it was home to the world-famous World Championship Tournament (WCT). In the 1990’s, Niijima was often visited by pro surfers such as Jerry Lopez, Tom Cullen, Andy Irons, and Kelly Slater. 

North and south of the long island of Niijima, there are a number of surf points along the east coast. Most of these areas are beach breaks, so the terrain tends to change every so often. However, due to the island’s unique terrain and conditions, the seabed becomes abruptly shallow, therefore the incoming waves while still maintaining power, suddenly breaks and comes up. There are many tubes because of this.  

How To Get There

A fairly short 3-hour journey, a ferry is available to travel from Tokyo’s Toshiba Pier to Niijima. If you want to get there quickly, a 20-seat propeller plane is also available from Chofu Airport. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the island. If you plan on bringing your surfboard, please check with the charter plane company in advance. 

Surfboard Rental

Planning on visiting Niijima? Check out the world-famous surf shop, Kye Surf! It has been a part of the area for a long time and its location and makes it a convenient place to rent surfboards.  

Webpage of Kye Surf

Source: Kye Surf

Fukuoka - Itoshima

Source: Youtube, うさじいTV

General Information

Fukuoka prefecture is close to the sea and because of this, it has many surfing spots to enjoy. Among them is Itoshima, a relatively new surf spot that has become popular and enjoyed by both beginners and intermediate surfers. 

How To Get There

From Fukuoka Airport, it takes about 1 hour to reach Itoshima by car. 

Surfboard Rental

Itoshima Surf Center TF Surfboards Australia offers rental surfboards from 3500 JPY a day. Don’t worry about bringing a board with you to the beach! Stop by here on the way to the beach and enjoy the beach and surf. 

Webpage of Itoshima Surf Center TF Surfboards Australia

Source: Itoshima Surf Center TF Surfboards Australia


Source: Youtube, Kazuhide Hanashiro

General Information

The transparent sea of Kakishima is so surprising, that many first time visitors find it hard to believe that they are still in Japan. Several surfing points exist around Takagakijima. I would like to introduce one the most popular beaches, Maesato Beach.

How To Get There

Access from Okinawa’s Naha Airport to the island of Ishigakijima takes about 1 hour with flights every 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you are not in Okinawa, there are direct flights to Ishigakijima from Haneda Airport, Kaneki International Airport, Chubu International Airport, and Fukuoka Airport. From Tokyo, a direct flight takes about 3 hours. Compared to the number of flights traveling to Ishigakijima from Okinawa, the number of flights from the main island of Honshu is less much less. Therefore, it may be more convenient to travel through Okinawa on the way to Ishigakijima.

Surfboard Rental

Located near Maesato beach, SPROUT Ishigakijima offers surfboard rentals for your time in Ishigakijima. To make sure you enjoy your time, make sure to contact them in advance to prepare for you trip!

Webpage of SPROUT Ishigakijima

Source: SPROUT Ishigakijima


Source: Youtube, Tetsuro K

General Information

Miyakojima is a remote island located in the southern part of Okinawa. With white sandy beaches and ample space, this place is known as “Heaven.” A beautiful sea surrounded by an emerald green paradise, this area truly lives up to its name. 

With beautiful beaches, there are a number of surf spots available. This time, I will introduce Boraga Beach near the southeastern part of Miyakojima. 

How To Get There

Traveling by air from Naha Airport, you can reach Miyakojima in about 50 minutes. If you should happen to be traveling from Tokyo, you can reach Miyakojima by air in 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

Surfboard Rental

Swell offers not only surfboard for rentals, but also provides surfing guides to ensure your safety. First-time visitors to Miyakojima should contact and visit Swell during their trip. 

Webpage of Sell

Source: Swell


Source: Youtube, Hiromachado Channel

General Information

Tanegashima is located 40 km from Kagoshima and is dotted with numerous surf spots, an island paradise for surfers. Tanegashima, with its 186 km coastline, has many surf spots scattered along the coastline, each with its own individual characteristics, such as reefs, stones, and such to enjoy. Experience a wide variety of beaches during your visit to Tanegashima. 

Surfers from all over have traveled to Tanegashima in search of and to experience its exquisite waves, warm weather, and rich natural environment. Truly a paradise for visitors and surfers alike.  

How To Get There

From Kagoshima Airport, it takes approximately 30 minutes by plane. There are no direct flights from Tokyo or Sekiito toTanegashima. However, you can travel from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Tanegashima Airport by transferring at Kagoshima Airport. This trip will take about 3 hours in flight time.  

Surfboard Rental

Visit SOUTH BORDER to rent surfboards for 3000 JPY a day while visiting Tanegashima. Experience what surfers have traveled all the way to Tanegashima for while visiting southern Japan.  



Kanagawa - Shonan

Source: Youtube, SKY SHARKS

General Information

The Shonan area in Kanagawa Prefecture is within close proximity of Tokyo. While the waves are not as large as other surf spots, they are constant, making it one of the best places for surfers to gather in Japan. As a popular surf spot, there are many surf shops in the area, making it an ideal place for many beginner surfers to gather during the summer. 

How To Get There

The one introduced here is Kugenuma Beach, which is the hottest area in Shonan, but arrives by train from Tokyo Station in about one hour.

Surfboard Rental

A short 5-minute walk from Kugenuma Beach, COASTLINE is a very convenient shop to rent surfboards for 2000 JPY a day. 

Webpage of COASTLINE


Chiba - Tsurigasakikaigan

Source: Youtube, 一宮町役場企画課

General Information

Tsurigasaki Beach is located in the southeastern part of Chiba Prefecture. A popular surf spot for many surfers because of its good waves throughout the year.  

Called the “surfer dojo,” many surfers from beginners to advanced surfers visit this beach in search of its high-quality waves. In recent years, Hiroto Ohara, the first Japanese surfer to win the US Open for during in 2015, Reo Inaba, and other leading surfers active in international competitions, have been brought up and nurtured at Tsurigasaki beach. 

How To Get There

To reach Tsurigasaki Beach, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes by train and 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Tokyo Station. A short distance from Tokyo, making it an ideal day trip for surfers and beachgoers. 

Surfboard Rental

Literally next door to Tsurugasaki Beach, EVOLVE FUTURE SHAPE is just a 5 minutes walk. 




Source: KC clips

General Information

Opened in July 2016, Kobe-Reyes is unique as it is the only artificial surfing spot in Japan. Kobe-Reyes is located behind the mountains in Kobe City of Hyogo Prefecture. One session lasts 100 minutes, which comes to about 15 waves you can ride.  

How To Get There

Surfboard Rental

Currently, there is no information regarding surfboard rentals on the official website, but there is most likely rentals available. Feel free to contact them to inquire about renting surfboards before visiting. 

Webpage of Kobe-Reyes

Source: Kobe-Reyes


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