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4 Ways to Search for Japanese Companies [Job Hunting in Japan Series - Part 3]

Miso Dog
Misoko Sensei! There are too many companies in Japan to find the best Japanese companies for me.
Oh, you do not know how to search for Japanese companies.
All right, do you want to know the tips for that?
Miso Dog
Of course!! Please!!
Okay, so let’s get started!

There are 4 ways for international students to search for companies.

① キャリセンター, Career center
② 就職情報サイト, Job information website
③ 就職情報イベント, Job information event
④ エージェント, Employment agency

Miso Dog
Oh... There are four ways to find companies.
What are the characteristics of each?
Each way has different advantages, so I'll explain that next. After that, I will show you some companies and websites that I recommend.

4 Ways to Search for Japanese Companies

1. Career Center

Each university has its own Career Center where you can see the employment and activity history of graduates of your school. You can browse job listings of Japanese companies that have approached your school as well.

This means that you can find out what graduates of your school did to get their jobs and also job offers from companies that are willing to hire students from your school. The Career Center can also help you find a job related to your field of study.

2. Job Information Websites

Many job listings are posted on job information websites. However, please be aware that they are posted to every student including Japanese students.

The good thing is that you can search for Japanese companies that you are interested in by field and occupation.

3. Job Information Events

At job information events, recruiters from many companies come to the event venue. Each recruiter will be allocated a booth, so you can walk to any booth you are interested in and talk to the recruiters. Most of this year's events are being held online because of the Coronavirus, but it can be a valuable opportunity to talk face to face with a recruiter.

4. Employment Agency

Students can receive support from an advisor at employment agencies. They help find job advertisements, prepare for interviews, and arrange a date for the job interview with the company you are interested in for free.

There are various companies that you can choose from, as this method of job hunting has become popular with students even though it is a relatively new service.

If you are not sure how to find a job, a professional advisor can help you get started.

Miso Dog
Thanks a lot. I now see the differences between each way to search for work.
I knew you were going to say that.
Now, let me explain which one you should use according to your needs.

4 Recommended Searching Methods Based on Situations

1. For those who want to know more about Japanese companies in various industries

I recommend looking at job information websites and events first.

Job information websites post a wide range of companies including large corporations and small start-ups. You can find the right companies by entering your search criteria on the websites.

Job information events are held in many places in Japan. Some of the events target only international students and some are focused on a certain industry. At these events, you can meet a lot of recruiters from different companies in a single day.

2. For those who do not know where they can utilize the skills they have learned at school

You can visit your school’s Career Center and employment agencies.

The Career Center of your school receives job listings from Japanese companies that are interested in the students there, so those are the companies where you can utilize what you have learned in school.

At an employment agency, professional advisers refer students to the right companies based on their work experience and resume. This allows students to expand their options for companies, which they would not be able to find by themselves.

3. For those worried about the atmosphere of Japanese companies or curious about the employees that work there

If so, I recommend job-information events and Career Centers.

At job information events, you can get a feel for a company by meeting with the employees, and they can give you information and insight that you can not get from a job listing, which is useful for corporate research.

Career information such as where senior students got their jobs might be available at your school’s Career Center, so you can contact OBs and OGs* to find out about their work and company’s vibe.
* Alumni of your school. OB=Old boys, OG=Old girls

4. For those who have no idea how to look for Japanese companies or jobs in the first place

You should start with a job information website and/or employment agency.

On job information websites, you can find useful information for job hunting. For instance, you can learn what kind of industries there are and understand the general characteristics of each industry. This information will be useful when you look for a Japanese company.

With agencies, you can efficiently look for potential jobs even if you are busy with school. Professional advisors who are familiar with recruitment information can give you advice on how to choose companies and nail job interviews. They can also arrange the date for tests and interviews.

Miso Dog
I think I get it now.
There are lots of things I want to research!
Can you please tell me which companies and agencies you recommend?
Of course, MisoDog!
I made a list of companies and agencies that I recommend below. So, please check it out!
Miso Dog
Thank you very much! Now I know what to do next!!

In Conclusion

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of how to search for Japanese companies! There are a lot of ways to research companies in Japan, but these 4 methods will cover the basic ways to find more information about the industries and jobs that are available when you are job hunting.

Recommended Websites

Major Job-Hunting Websites in Japan

Kyaritasu Job-Hunting
Asagaku Navi

*Focused on SMEs and venture companies

Job-Hunting Websites for Non-Japanese

Mynavi Global *For international students and bilinguals
The Japan Times Jobs *Focused on career change options
Career Forum Net (CFN)

Employment Agencies

Mynavi Global *For international students and bilinguals
Pasona Global *For international students and bilinguals

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