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5 Weird Potato Chips From Seven-Eleven Japan!

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Hey, Misoko-sensei! Do you like potato chips?
Of course! Who doesn't like potato chips! Sour & Cream is the best!
Miso Dog
Sour & Cream? That's so normal. You have to try the other flavors!
What do you mean? Sour & Cream is one of the more unique flavors.
Miso Dog
That's what you think. Today, we'll be introducing 5 unique potato chip flavors that you can purchase at Seven-Eleven Japan!

MisoDog TV Channel Presents...5 Weird Potato Chips From Seven-Eleven Japan!

Another day, and another video on our MisoDog TV Channel! Today’s video features a variety of unique Seven-Eleven potato chips! Our host shares their thoughts after eating the various chips. With a wide range of chips to try out, our presenter has their hands full! With chips ranging from sour to spicy, our host’s stomach is in for a battle.

Why not check out your local Seven-Eleven and see what interesting flavor chips they have to offer! In the meantime, please enjoy the interesting and odd assortment of chips we will introduce!

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