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Asian American in Japan | Living in Japan Experience

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Misoko sensei, have you ever been talking to someone in Japanese and they happened to be Asian American and did not understand what you were saying?


I've never had that experience, but I can understand what you mean. We cannot tell who speaks Japanese or not based on their appearance, especially when they look Asian.


Miso Dog
I wonder what it is like to be Asian American living in Japan…


Let’s find out!


We Have Discussed What Happens If You Live in Japan as Asian American

What kind of individual comes to mind when you think about those from other countries?  In Japan, people will talk to you in Japanese if you look Japanese. 

In this video, we shared our experiences living in Japan as Asian Americans. There are a lot of fun experiences we shared in the video. We also talked about how much Japanese people are capable of communicating in English and how to communicate if they don’t speak English at all.

It should help if you are planning on visiting Japan!

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