How to SIM Unlock a Smartphone From au

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You have docomo right? Is your phone bill high?
It's not that high. It is on the lower end I guess. Why do you ask?
Miso Dog
I'm on au now, but my monthly bill is pretty high. I'm considering switching to another carrier. My smartphone is currently SIM locked to au. Do you know how to SIM unlock a smartphone?
Sure! There are a few ways to do it!  Today, I will teach you how to unlock a smartphone from au!

Unlocking an au smartphone

1. Conditions for unlocking a smartphone

① Currently under an au contract

  • Complete the process through My au (Free)
  • Complete the process at an au Shop (3,000 JPY)

Complete the process through either of the above. It is recommended that you complete the process online through My au since it is free.

② If you are not under a contract (canceled contract, bought the phone used, someone gave it to you, etc.)

  • Complete the process at an au Shop(3,000 JPY)ONLY

If you purchased your phone from someone other than the au shop, it is not possible to unlock your smartphone on My au online.
In addition, 101 days or more need to have passed since the product was purchased and paid in full. If you do not know the purchase date of your phone or purchase method, you can check this information at an au shop.


2. Using the My au Unlock Method (Online)

Now that we have checked that we are able to unlock the phone, it is time to get to what you have been waiting for...unlocking your phone!

Follow the instructions below to get the IMEI and go through the online au website to unlock a smartphone.


① Go to the au website, and go to the SIM unlock procedure [SIMロック解除のお手続き] page

② Click the SIM unlock procedure [SIMロック解除のお手続き] button at the bottom

③ At the login page, log in using your au account details

④ Go to the bottom of the page and see if your smartphone is able to be unlocked or not

⑤ If you can unlock your smartphone, put a checkmark in the checkbox in the upper left corner

⑥ Go to the bottom and click Next

⑦ Select the reason for canceling and then click Apply using the above information [この内容で申し込む]

⑧ Congratulations! The unlock smartphone procedure is complete!

*For Android smartphones, you will receive an unlock code [解除コード].
*The final step for unlocking the phone using the unlock code may be different depending on your smartphone. You can find more information on the au site for using non-au SIM cards with your now unlocked phone.

In Conclusion

What did you think? Were you able to unlock your smartphone so you can use it on a different carrier? Be sure to follow the instructions correctly. If you run into any issues, please contact au.
We try to keep this page as up-to-date as possible. However, please note that the information on this page may become outdated or may differ depending on your phone and situation. For up-to-date information on SIM unlocking smartphones from au, please visit au's website.
au Website Unlocking Procedures

For other carriers

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