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    9 Cafes in Harajuku and Omotesando That Look Great on Instagram

    Miso Dog I’m going out to a café with my girlfriend and she said she wants to go to a place that is Instagram-worthy. Do you have any idea what she means? Is Tokyo OK? I know a lot of places! My friends and I often go to cafes. Misoko Miso Dog Yes! Tokyo is perfect! Please tell me some ...


    Job Hunting

    3 Characteristics of Japanese Companies That You Should Know [Job Hunting in Japan Series - Part 1]

    How’s your job hunting? Misoko Miso Dog Not going well. I’m not sure what to do… Okay, then I will introduce the tips for Job Hunting in Japan. Misoko 3 Characteristics of Japanese Companies 1. Occupational classification The first thing you should know about is an occupational classification called "総合職". In other words, a generalist. This might be the closest ...



    Find an apartment in Japan

    How to Find an Apartment in Japan

    Miso Dog I’m living in a dormitory at Tokyo University, but I am thinking of leaving the dorms and moving into my own apartment next month. I’m so excited! That’s great! But just to let you know, it’s not always easy for foreigners to find an apartment in Japan. Sometimes the realtor or owner can refuse a contract simply because ...


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    Looking to Kill Time? Try Out a Batting Center in Tokyo!

    Miso Dog Hey! I'm meeting up with a friend in Tokyo's Shinjuku, but my friend got back to me and said they would be an hour late. Do you have any idea how I can kill some time? How about going to a batting center? There are many batting centers in Tokyo, including Shinjuku too! Misoko Miso Dog Batting center? ...



    One Mistake and You're a Criminal?! Registering Your Bicycle in Japan!

    by Soichi and Ken Miso Dog I just bought a used bicycle, but the other day I was stopped by a couple of police officers asking me “Is that a stolen bicycle?” Woah. That must have been rough. Did you change the name for the bicycle crime prevention registration? Misoko Miso Dog Crime prevention registration? Name change? Ah. You don’t know. The crime ...




    Surfing in Japan! Top 10 Hot Spots You Must Know!

    by Soichi and Ken Miso Dog I’m traveling to Japan this time, but instead of sightseeing, I want to do some different activities and things. Do you have any suggestions about what to do in Japan? Hmm…How does surfing sound? In Japan, there are several surf spots that host the world surf tournaments where you can visit. These surf spots ...

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