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    Top 5 Real Estate Agencies around Kadena Air base | Housing in Okinawa

    Misodog: Miso Dog Misoko-Sensei, I am looking for an apartment around Kadena Air Force base in Okinawa. So I googled it, but there are a lot of real estate agencies in this area… Yes, many real estate agencies in that area. Unfortunately, not every agency has good properties. Because of the number of agencies, It is hard to find nice ...


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    Japanese Transportation | How to Travel Smart

    Miso Dog Misoko-sensei, I am thinking of going on a short trip to Osaka. Could you tell me how to get there? Hmm, Tokyo to Osaka, there are many ways. A bus, a car, an airplane, a train… Misoko Miso Dog That is too many! I cannot choose. What are the differences? Okay, let me tell you the pros and ...



    Top 10 Stationery Products You Should Buy in Japan

    Miso Dog Misoko-sensei, I need stationery items for my desk at home. Could you tell me where they are sold?   You should try bookstores or stationery stores. I am sure that you will find a lot of amazing products because Japanese stationery has developed a lot over the years! Misoko   Miso Dog There are a lot of them? ...



    Top 15 Japanese Ice Cream You Can Buy at Convenience Stores

    This is the complete list of the all-time best ice creams in Japan.


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    Asian American in Japan | Living in Japan Experience

    Through the real stories from those living in Tokyo, this video shows what you should expect if you are an Asian American living in Japan.



    Japanese Gummies: Top 10 You Can Buy At the Convenience store

    The most interesting and tasty gummies you can find at convenience stores in Japan.



    Top 5 Climbing Shoe Shops Around Tokyo

    This article shows where you can find climbing shoes in Tokyo.


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    Wagashi (Japanese Traditional Sweets): Top 5 Sold at the Convenience Store

    Check out the Top 5 Wagashi, or Japanese Traditional Sweets, sold at the convenience store! You are sure to find something that suits you!



    Best Bouldering Gyms for Beginners in Tokyo

    If you are looking to start bouldering in Tokyo, here is a complete list of bouldering gyms that includes everthing from price to location to facilities.

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