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Bubble Tea? How About Warabi Mochi Tea!

Miso Dog
Man! I am thirsty! I sure could do with a nice cold bubble tea!
That sounds nice! Hey! Have you tried warabi mochi tea?
Miso Dog
Warabi mochi tea? You mean, warabi mochi instead of bubble tea? Where can we get it?
Exactly! It’s a nice change from bubble tea! Let’s try some at Sugamo!

Have you tried warabi mochi tea? No? You are in luck! Today, our hosts are visiting Sugamo and are trying the local bubble tea and warabi mochi tea! Sugamo is easily accessible in Tokyo and features not only a more local atmosphere than many places in Tokyo but also has a unique Japanese twist on bubble tea. We will be visiting Motoko for the shop’s trademark warabi mochi tea. 

Do you think you would be up for a taste? If so, head on down to Motoko in Sugamo to try a cup!

-Getting Around

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