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Japanese Transportation | How to Travel Smart

Miso Dog Misoko-sensei, I am thinking of going on a short trip to Osaka. Could you tell me how to get there? Hmm, Tokyo to Osaka, there are many ways. A bus, a car, an airplane, a train… Misoko Miso Dog That is too many! I cannot choose. What are the differences? Okay, let me tell you the pros and ...


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Bubble Tea? How About Warabi Mochi Tea!

Looking for something to quench your thirst? How about trying a new take on bubble tea? Try warabi mochi tea! Visit Sugamo’s Motoko for warabi mochi tea!


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9 Cafes in Harajuku and Omotesando That Look Great on Instagram

Miso Dog I’m going out to a café with my girlfriend and she said she wants to go to a place that is Instagram-worthy. Do you have any idea what she means? Is Tokyo OK? I know a lot of places! My friends and I often go to cafes. Misoko Miso Dog Yes! Tokyo is perfect! Please tell me some ...


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Looking to Kill Time? Try Out a Batting Center in Tokyo!

Miso Dog Hey! I'm meeting up with a friend in Tokyo's Shinjuku, but my friend got back to me and said they would be an hour late. Do you have any idea how I can kill some time? How about going to a batting center? There are many batting centers in Tokyo, including Shinjuku too! Misoko Miso Dog Batting center? ...

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