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5 Weird Potato Chips From Seven-Eleven Japan!

Miso Dog Hey, Misoko-sensei! Do you like potato chips? Of course! Who doesn't like potato chips! Sour & Cream is the best! Misoko Miso Dog Sour & Cream? That's so normal. You have to try the other flavors! What do you mean? Sour & Cream is one of the more unique flavors. Misoko Miso Dog That's what you think. Today, ...


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MisoDog TV Channel...Start!

Misoko Hey! Hey! You've been reading about Japan here, right? Of course! Thanks to you, I'm learning a lot about Japan! Miso Dog Misoko Did you know that there is also a  TV channel about things in Japan? What?!? Really? What's it about? Miso Dog Misoko It's really interesting! Let me tell you a bit about the TV channel and ...

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