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Japanese Transportation | How to Travel Smart

Miso Dog Misoko-sensei, I am thinking of going on a short trip to Osaka. Could you tell me how to get there? Hmm, Tokyo to Osaka, there are many ways. A bus, a car, an airplane, a train… Misoko Miso Dog That is too many! I cannot choose. What are the differences? Okay, let me tell you the pros and ...


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Wagashi (Japanese Traditional Sweets): Top 5 Sold at the Convenience Store

Check out the Top 5 Wagashi, or Japanese Traditional Sweets, sold at the convenience store! You are sure to find something that suits you!


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Unique Travel Accessories from the 100 Yen Shop!

Going on a trip soon and almost done packing? Let us introduce some unique travel accessories from the 100 yen shop that might save you in a pinch!


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9 Cafes in Harajuku and Omotesando That Look Great on Instagram

Miso Dog I’m going out to a café with my girlfriend and she said she wants to go to a place that is Instagram-worthy. Do you have any idea what she means? Is Tokyo OK? I know a lot of places! My friends and I often go to cafes. Misoko Miso Dog Yes! Tokyo is perfect! Please tell me some ...



Day Trips from Tokyo

Find Peace at Top 5 Relaxing Day Trips From Tokyo!

How was your week? Misoko Miso Dog It was so long! But I have next week Monday off! That’s great! What do you plan on doing? Misoko Miso Dog I’m not sure. I am thinking of getting out of Tokyo for a day and maybe do something relaxing. Do you have any ideas? Since you had a hard work week, ...



Tokyo’s Japanese Sweets Secret Spot? The answer is Sugamo Area!

Miso Dog Hey! Let’s go sightseeing in Sugamo some time! Sugamo? I’ve heard of the area, but I don’t know much about it. What kind of area is it? Misoko Miso Dog It’s Grandma’s Harajuku!! Haha! What?! What do you mean by Grandma’s Harajuku? Harajuku is a famous place for young people in Tokyo, isn’t it? Misoko Miso Dog That’s ...




Surfing in Japan! Top 10 Hot Spots You Must Know!

by Soichi and Ken Miso Dog I’m traveling to Japan this time, but instead of sightseeing, I want to do some different activities and things. Do you have any suggestions about what to do in Japan? Hmm…How does surfing sound? In Japan, there are several surf spots that host the world surf tournaments where you can visit. These surf spots ...

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