Comparing Tokyo Apartments!

Miso Dog
Hey Misoko! I’m thinking of moving to my own place! I’m a little worried about where to go and what kind of apartments are available in Tokyo…
Congratulations! There are a ton of places that you can move to in Tokyo! There is pretty much something for everyone.
Miso Dog
I’m looking for a single room somewhere in the main parts of Tokyo. Do you have any ideas?
In fact I do! My friend Ken has a video that you might be interested in. He is showing off two apartments located in Tokyo! You can get an idea of the apartments in Tokyo from the video!

MisoDog TV Presents...Comparing Tokyo Apartments!

Hey MisoDog visitors! Are you thinking of moving to Tokyo or moving to a new place in Tokyo? Or perhaps you are curious about the different types of apartments available in Tokyo. Look no further! Luckily for us, Ken and his friend have just finished moving and have emptied out their apartments! Follow Ken as he showcases two apartments, one for 70000 JPY a month and another for 90000 JPY/month. He shows off the inside of the apartment and the different qualities they each have. 

See if these rooms would be a nice fit for you!


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