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Hey! Hey! You've been reading about Japan here, right?
Of course! Thanks to you, I'm learning a lot about Japan!
Miso Dog
Did you know that there is also a  TV channel about things in Japan?
What?!? Really? What's it about?
Miso Dog
It's really interesting! Let me tell you a bit about the TV channel and its first video!

MisoDog Presents...MisoDog TV Channel!

Starting today, MisoDog is proud to present our new Youtube channel, MisoDog TV Channel! This Youtube channel will feature videos that cover a vast range of content and topics. Our presenters are both foreigners living in Japan, as well as Japanese locals. They are eager to convey to you the interesting features of this amazing and fascinating country, from the unique to the strange. Sit back and relax as we take you on a journey throughout Japan through our eyes!

Our first video features our lucky (or unlucky) presenter trying out for the first time, several rice balls bought from Seven Eleven. Go on a journey with him and enjoy his reactions as he discovers these unique rice balls. Feel free to share your comments and thoughts!

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-MisoDog TV

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