Moving to a New Tokyo Apartment!

Miso Dog
Hey Misoko! Did you hear? Ken moved to a new apartment!
Really? I didn't hear about that! How does it look?
Miso Dog
It looks great! I was there to help him move!
I should have asked if he needed help. Do you have any pictures?
Miso Dog
We can do better! There's a video of his new apartment! Check it out!

MisoDog TV Presents...Ken's New Tokyo Apartment!

Hi MidoDog readers! Today we are checking out Ken's new apartment in Tokyo! He just moved and was more than happy to show us his new apartment. It is bigger than his previous apartment and has a few extra things that he is excited about! Ken will go through the layout of his apartment, before and after he moves his stuff in! You can get an idea of what a $1,500 apartment in Tokyo can get you!

If you are thinking about moving to a bigger apartment in Tokyo, but are not sure what to expect, this is the video for you!


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