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Experiencing Traditional Japanese Sweets from 7/11

This week’s video is a special one! We have two presenters, sharing their thoughts and opinions on a few delicious Japanese sweets and delicacies. You don't have to visit a fancy cafe for these treats. These Japanese sweets can be found in Seven-Eleven stores, as well as other convenience stores in Japan.

Some of these snacks are seasonal items and are not always in stock. Don't worry! There are many other Japanese snacks to taste and try. Who knows? Maybe you will find something that gets your mouth watering and itching to try on your next visit to Japan! Try and find your favorite here!

With a myriad of Japanese sweets unique to Japan, it is difficult to know where to start tasting from! Fear not though! Starting with normal Japanese snacks, or wagashi, to more exotic snacks, our two Youtubers give their opinions about the snacks and if they believe people from their home countries will enjoy them or not. Do you agree with them? Or do you find what they are saying to be completely false? Find out in this week’s video!

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