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Traditional Toys From Don Quijote

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Hey, Misoko-sensei. What is your favorite Japanese store?
That's hard to answer, I have so many! But recently I've really enjoyed shopping at Don Quijote
Miso Dog
Why is that?
Well, they have a lot of interesting products. I can't remember them all so check out this video for some examples!

We Had a Ninja Battle With Traditional Toys!

Have you ever shopped at Don Quijote? It's one of Japan's most popular stores. They have everything you need...and some things that you don't, but are so cool that you have to try them!

Learn about traditional Japanese toys while watching our hosts play with modern versions that we found at Don Quijote. After a little bit of practice, our hosts will face off against each other to decide who is the ultimate ninja champion!

Which toy would you like to try? Which one is the best? Are these toys popular where you are from?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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