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Unique Travel Accessories from the 100 Yen Shop!

Miso Dog
Tomorrow is our road trip! I have snacks and drinks all ready to go! Are you ready Misoko-sensei?
Almost set! Anything else besides food? What about toiletries?
Miso Dog
What do you mean?
You should prepare some emergency things just in case something happens.
Miso Dog
Hmm...Sounds interesting! Do you have anything in mind?
I happen to have some interesting travel items that you can pick up at the 100 yen shop for the trip!

MisoDog TV Channel Presents...Unique Travel Accessories from the 100 Yen Shop!

Today's video showcases a few unique travel accessories that are sure to be useful on your next trip! These can be used when traveling by train, car, bus, plane, etc. Although not all may be useful, you are sure to find something that might just help you in a pinch on your trip! Our adventurous hosts will try their best to figure out the different travel items and give their opinions on their usefulness. See if you can figure out what some of these items are before they do!

Why not check out a 100 yen shop while in Japan and see if you can find these unique travel accessories or perhaps some other useful items for your next trip!

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